Saturday, November 27, 2010

Granny wants to know

Whenever I visit Granny, she always asks me a certain question. Once I told her I didn’t know the answer. She wasn’t satisfied, so I promised to find out. I looked in several sociology journals, but I couldn’t find the answer. So, I told her what I thought sociologists would say. She didn’t buy it. I made up a few answers hoping that one will satisfy her curiosity. Here’s the question: “Why do young people wear those peculiar beards these days?” Here are a few answers. If you have better answers, add your comment to this post.

Because they are Bolsheviks
They work for the circus. They’re bearded ladies
In order to look older. They shave them off when they reach puberty
Because they are in a witness protection program
Because they hang out with Snow White
In order to participate in Civil War re-enactments
Because they are lumberjacks
Because dueling scars are out of fashion
Because they’re non-conformists
Because they’re conformists
They never learned to shave
Their bosses make them grow them

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